Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agricultural practices and innovative farming solutions are the key to achieving food security while protecting our planet’s natural resources, reversing climate change and restoring ecosystems. 


RegenZ aims to be a global leader in the transformation of human health and nutrition by driving the widespread adoption of innovative agricultural practices; and discovering, applying and commercialising sustainable and regenerative innovations in crop production technology.

What We Do

Pioneering and promoting innovative agricultural and food production technologies and practices in Southern Africa.

Testing, developing and commercialising seed potatoes suited to the environmental conditions and market requirements of Southern Africa.

Since 1992, the RegenZ team has developed significant expertise in the representation of Plant Breeders Rights and innovative agricultural technology in Southern Africa.

We are working with Solynta to successfully introduce Hybrid True Potato Seed (HTPS) to the Southern African market. A breakthrough innovation in potato production technology.

Most plants on Earth form a symbiosis with root-associated (i.e., mycorrhizal) fungi, trading plant photosynthate for fungal-acquired soil nutrients. We are putting this back into the soil for soil regeneration and soil restoration.

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30+ Years

of agricultural experience

RegenZ was born out of our sister company, Zylem. Built on the foundation of our established seed potato business, RegenZ is a vehicle for researching, testing, and commercialising innovations in agricultural technology more broadly, with an emphasis on promoting regenerative agricultural practices.


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Regenerative agriculture is the solution for South Africa’s farmers. In this guide, we’ll summarise everything you need to know about regenerative farming,


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