Regenerative Agriculture

Transforming human health through innovative and regenerative farming. Supporting healthy soil, people, animals, and the environment through regenerative farming practices.

What We Do At RegenZ

We pioneer and promote innovative agricultural and food production technologies and practices in Southern Africa. It’s our goal to help large-scale farming operations to take manageable, commercially-viable steps towards regenerative agriculture and soil practices.

Regenerative Farming

Regenerative agricultural practices and innovative farming solutions are the keys to achieving food security while protecting our planet’s natural resources, reversing climate change and restoring ecosystems.

Innovative Agriculture

RegenZ aims to be a global leader in the transformation of human health and nutrition by driving the widespread adoption of innovative agriculture practices; and discovering, applying, and commercialising sustainable innovations in crop production technology.

Our Services Include:

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Testing, developing and commercialising seed potatoes suited to the environmental conditions and market requirements of Southern Africa.

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Since 1992, the RegenZ team has developed significant expertise in the representation of Plant Breeders Rights and innovative agricultural technology in Southern Africa.

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We are working with Solynta to successfully introduce Hybrid True Potato Seed (HTPS) to the Southern African market. A breakthrough innovation in potato production technology.

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Microbes are the living organisms in your soil and they contribute to the health of the soil and therefore the health of your crops. We offer selected products that can be ordered directly from us.


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Transition to Regenerative Agriculture

Let our experts guide you through the transition from conventional to regenerative farming. From cover cropping, inter-cropping to crop rotations and carbon credits, our regenerative agriculture consultants will help you make sustainable changes.

Challenges Faced By Farmers Today

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input costs

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on fertiliser

healthy soil

Pressure from consumers
to farm more sustainably

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Pressure from governments to
reduce greenhouse gases

carbon reduction

Pressure to
sequester carbon

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The unpredictable effects
of climate change

The Benefits of Regenerative Farming

Regenerative agriculture is farming for the future. By incorporating regenerative farming practices, many farmers improve their yields, carbon footprint, and bottom line by using fewer chemical inputs and growing healthier plants. Transitioning to regenerative farming in a periodised and manageable way makes the process affordable and sustainable in the long term.

  • Build soil carbon
  • Increase soil health and microbial diversity 
  • Build topsoil
  • Sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Mitigate or reverse the effects of climate change
  • Meet climate targets and corporate responsibility goals
  • Reduce input costs over time as soil health starts to rejuvenate
  • Address changing consumer demands
  • Increase profits and generate farm livelihoods
  • Regenerative soil practices are scalable and replicable 
  • Can be implemented on any farm or land management enterprise
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Why Choose RegenZ?

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30+ Years

of agricultural experience

RegenZ was born out of our sister company, Zylem. Built on the foundation of our established seed potato business, RegenZ is a vehicle for researching, testing, and commercialising innovations in agricultural technology more broadly, with an emphasis on promoting regenerative farming practices.


products and technology

Through a wealth of resources and networks, we represent technology and products that help farmers transition to regenerative farming.

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Get paid

for carbon sequestration

When you transition to regenerative farming practices, you are entitled to carbon credit remuneration programmes for sequestering carbon. We help you get paid for sequestering carbon through our carbon credit partner.

Helpful Guides and Resources

Principles of Regenerative Agriculture Infographic - RegenZ

Regenerative Agriculture In South Africa: All You Need to Know

Regenerative agriculture is the solution for South Africa’s farmers. In this guide, we’ll summarise everything you need to know about regenerative farming, regenerative agriculture methods and regenerative soil practices.

South African Potato Farming - RegenZ

Farming Potatoes In South Africa: What You Need to Know

In South Africa, maize meal and bread are the most commonly consumed sources of carbohydrates. However, South Africans have eaten twice as many potatoes over the past decade compared to the decade before it, buoyed by a growing middle class.

SA plant breeders rights - RegenZ

Your Guide To Plant Variety Rights Protection in South Africa

Plant variety protection is an important way of ensuring and recognising the development of new varieties while safeguarding the recognition of plant breeders’ rights.

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