Hemp Market Development

The hemp industry in South Africa has huge potential to create jobs while also acting as a soil regeneration crop rotation. RegenZ is working to assist various players in the hemp industry in building supply chains.

Market Development Strategy

We are looking to connect all the players in the hemp industry. As an independent company, we are trying to connect all the players to build logistically viable hemp supply chains.

Nutrient Growth - RegenZ

Hemp grower

Hemp is an attractive crop to grow as it is generally low maintenance plant and it is powerful soil restoration plant.

carbon reduction - RegenZ

Hemp buyer

Buying any part of the hemp plant to be used in industries like construction, pharmaceuticals, animal feed and many others…
healthy soil - RegenZ

Hemp processor

Hemp processing is the biggest gap in the market currently but has the most value to contribute to the supply chain. This will be processing the plant into the three usable elements for an offtake.

PBR Commercialisation - RegenZ

Hemp advisor

Knowing what to do and when to do it can be the difference between 5 t/ha and 10 t/ha.

Hemp resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is very dependant on a number of factors: the growing region, the weather, the soil quality, the inputs used on the crop, the hemp variety and many more… To aggregate a number of different varieties, you can work on an average of 0,8 to 1 ton per hectare.
The different elements of the plant to be used are fibre, seed and flower. These elements can be used in several different ways and in several different industries.
Finding certified seed in South Africa for large scale production is challenging due to the market being nascent.