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RegenZ has curated a basket offering for smallholder farmers in order to achieve the best chance of growing a successful crop and creating a sustainable business.

The Southern African Smallholder Farmer Market Analysis

Soutthern African Smallholder Landscape Infographic - RegenZ

*updated October, 2023

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Smallholder farms play a significant role in South Africa’s agricultural landscape. Despite facing numerous challenges, small-scale farmers hold tremendous potential to drive positive change in the country’s economic state while fostering regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices.

The Package

RegenZ, along with several partners, has formed a package which includes all inputs required for a smallholder farmer to grow certain crops. On top of the package, RegenZ has formulated grow programs, application rates and a database of advice to assist the farmer.

Nutrient Growth - RegenZ

Quality Seed

One of the biggest challenges for smallholder farmers is access to quality seed genetics.

carbon reduction - RegenZ

Affordable & Sustainable Inputs

Providing a tailored package of inputs for each crop variety will help the farm achieve a successful harvest.

healthy soil - RegenZ

Technical Backup

Due to the vast spread of farmers and diverse variety of farmers and farms, providing technical backup is challenging but with the rise in access to technology, quality backup can be provided through digital channels.

PBR Commercialisation - RegenZ

Market Access

Through market access partners, we will ensure that farmers are connected to an appropriate market.

Hybrid True Potato Seeds - RegenZ

Quality Seed

RegenZ has partnered with various seed houses and breeders around the world to offer quality and certified seed that suits the smallholder farmers climate.One particular variety to mention is hybrid true potato seed (HTPS) that we are representing in Southern Africa on behalf of Solynta.

Affordable & Sustainable Inputs

Through a wealth of resources and networks, we represent technology and products that help farmers transition to regenerative farming. We have drawn heavily Real IPM’s technical expertise who have tailor their commercial farmer programmes for the smallholder market.

Fungus in Plant Soil - RegenZ
small holder farmer technical support

Technical Backup

In order to ensure the success of the products and inputs we provide, we have made the application information for the inputs widely available and comprehensible. On top of the physical training groups, this is delivered via WhatsApp, U Can Grow’s mobile app platform and various other digital means.

Market Access

We have partnered with organisations who have access to markets for the goods produced by farmers which creates a circular system. For a smallholder farmer to get market access through our scheme, they will need to be associated with one of the growing programs.Through our partners, U Can Grow and Wild Coast Foods, the farmers' harvest is aggregated, processed and sent to local markets to satisfy local market demand.

small holder farmer market access

Who we work with?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any agri-input manufacturer/supplier/provider that believes their product will be well suited in the smallholder farmer market.

No we don’t but we work with organisations who have access to funding. We aim to position ourselves in projects that attract funding to subsidise some of the package cost.

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We like to include everything needed to grow a crop:

  • Seed
  • Fertilizer
  • Soil nutrition
  • Microbes

The packages are tailored the intended target audience.

Yes we do. As much as we try to tailor the advice, we have offer a generic solution to a program/project/region. We provide application programs and general advice on crop production.