Seed Potato Supplier

Historically run and managed by Zylem, RegenZ has assumed responsibility for the representation and management of various varieties of seed potato supply.

Suppliers of Bulk Seed Potato

Major farming organisations around the country multiply seed potato crops from high-quality seed supplied by RegenZ’s contract growers. At present, RegenZ’s varieties are best suited for the table but varieties still in the trial stages are very promising for processing, both for French Fries and for Crisps.

What We Offer

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Develop and commercialise seed potatoes

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Administer the breeding programmes for new and registered potato varieties

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Manage contract seed potato growing


Supply bulk seed potato orders to large growers


Since 1992, we have represented the interests in Southern Africa of Netherlands-based potato breeding companies and are currently responsible for varieties owned by Stet Holland B.V. and Plantera B.V.

STET is an international trading house, specialized in the development, cultivation and export of seed potatoes.

Plantera is a potato trading house. We are specialized in breeding, selling and the production of seed and ware potatoes, specialising in our own exclusive varieties.

Our Potato Varieties

These potato varieties have been commercialised in South Africa:
potato variety data 1
As at the 2021/2022 season, these varieties are in trials and various stages of seed multiplication:
potato data 2

Seed Potatoes For Sale

Please note that availability is subject to the success of the farmers’ season and the time of the request.

Farms and Partners

Potato mini tubers (G0) are produced by Maluti Mini Tubers and Potato Seed Production (PSP):

  • Clean
  • Disease-free
  • Effective seed production.

Potato seed multiplication is efficiently handled for RegenZ primarily in KwaZulu-Natal by Ivanhoe Farms in Nottingham Road and Impendle, and Pidelta in Greytown, with other production sites in climatically appropriate areas of South Africa.