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RegenZ supplies high-quality bulk seed potatoes to large growers around Southern Africa.

Suppliers of Bulk Seed Potato

Historically run and managed by parent company Zylem, RegenZ is now responsible for the representation, management and supply of several varieties of seed potatoes.

Major farming organisations around South Africa multiply seed potato crops from high-quality seed potatoes supplied by RegenZ’s contract growers.

What We Offer

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Developing and commercialising seed potatoes

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Administer the breeding programmes for new and registered potato varieties

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Manage contract seed potato growing

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Supply bulk seed potato orders to large growers

Seed Potato Representation

Since 1992, we have represented the interests of Netherlands-based potato breeding companies in Southern Africa. We are currently responsible for seed potato varieties owned by Stet Holland B.V. and Plantera B.V.

Stet is an international trading house specialising in the development, cultivation and export of seed potatoes.

Plantera is a potato trading house. They specialise in breeding, selling and producing exclusive varieties of seed and ware potatoes.

Seed Potatoes For Sale

RegenZ sells bulk orders of seed potatoes to commercial farmers around Southern Africa. Get in touch to find out more and get a quote.

Please note that availability is subject to the success of the farmers’ season and the time of the request.

Our Seed Potato Varieties

We supply a variety of seed potato stock to large growers around Southern Africa. RegenZ’s current varieties are best suited for the table. We are also trialling new seed potato varieties for the processing of french fries and crisps.

What potato varieties are available in South Africa?



Market: Table - speciality and salad
Plant Breeder: Plantera
Exclusive to Patrysvlei Boerdery

El Mundo

El Mundo

Market: Table - pre-pack
Plant Breeder: Stet



Market: Table - pre-packed
Plant Breeder: Stet



Market: Table - salad
Open variety
Exclusive to Patrysvlei Boerdery



Market: Table - pre-pack
Plant Breeder: Plantera



Market: Table - pre-pack
Plant Breeder: Plantera


Farms and Partners

Growing seed potatoes is a highly specialised field. Our potato mini tubers (G0) are produced by Maluti Mini Tubers and Potato Seed Production (PSP). Potato seed multiplication is efficiently handled for RegenZ, primarily in KwaZulu-Natal, by Ivanhoe Farms in Nottingham Road and Impendle, and Pidelta in Greytown. We also have other potato seed supplier production sites in climatically appropriate areas of South Africa.


The Benefits of Seed Potatoes

  • Clean
  • Disease-free
  • Effective seed producers

Why Choose RegenZ?

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30+ years of experience

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Multiple varieties

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Highest-quality, certified seed potatoes

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Local and international growers

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Grown under optimal conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our seed potato comes in 25kg bags which can be collected from our seed growers farm in Greytown or Impendle. For large orders we will arrange transport.

This depends on the variety but bags are useally around R200 per 25kg bag.

One kilogram of seed potatoes costs around R8, depending on the variety and current market prices. However, we only sell our seed potatoes in bulk orders of 25kgs or more.

Generally speaking, you’ll need around 1,200 to 2,000kg of potato seed per hectare.

For large commercial farmers, seed potatoes come from growers who have subjected their crop to agricultural testing to ensure they are disease-free. This is important since potatoes are susceptible to soil-borne rots, viruses and pests. In addition, seed potatoes are only grown a limited number of times from the same stock to ensure plant vigour.

We sell bulk certified seed potatoes to large potato growers. Our minimum order quantity is 25kg.

Seed potatoes for commercial use should be certified seed potatoes. 

However, home gardeners can use any potato tubers to create seed potatoes that can be used to grow new plants.

All seed potatoes used by growers should be certified seed potatoes. This means that the seed potato meets accepted quality standards.

For a certified potato to meet these standards requires specialised farming practices, including efficient pest and disease management, knowledgeable crop rotation and isolation, and the use of certified seed potatoes.

The goal of a seed potato certification program is to ensure the seed meets accepted standards of quality. South Africa has an excellent certification scheme that compares well with international seed potato certification schemes. 

Certified seed potatoes sold in South Africa will need to meet these standards.

Seed potatoes are available year-round, although different varieties may be available in different seasons. When buying seed potatoes, it’s also important to consider the time of year that you will be planting. You can read more about growing potatoes in our comprehensive guide.

If you’re looking for seed potatoes, you’ve come to the right place! RegenZ sells bulk certified seed potatoes to large-scale growers in Southern Africa. Enquire now.

Bulk Potato Seeds Supplier - RegenZ