Concentrate Probiotic soil inoculant

A concentrated water-soluble liquid soil conditioner, consisting of probiotic micro-organisms that support a balanced soil microbial ecology.

What is a soil inoculant?

In short, soil inoculants promote healthy soils which in turn create the perfect environment to grow plants, bushes, and trees. Soil inoculants consist of beneficial rhizospheric, endophytic microbes, and bacteria which all play a role in boosting the organic matter of your soil, which provides nutrients to plants.

tiny team 25 litre - RegenZ

Soil Inoculant Product

Tiny Team

Tiny Team is a concentrated probiotic soil inoculant. It is registered and manufactured in South Africa and has a diverse range of uses. Tiny Team is not chemically synthesized or genetically engineered or modified. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and safe to use around humans, animals, and plants.

What are the benefits of a soil inoculant?

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Improves soil health

seed germination inoculant - RegenZ

Increases seed germination

Tiny Team - RegenZ

Increases seedling growth

Crop Icon - RegenZ

Improves crop yield and quality

Hybrid True Potato Seed - RegenZ

Reduces water/salt/heat/cold/herbicide stress

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Accelerates large scale composting efforts

What can Tiny Team be used for?

Soil Preparation

There are hundreds of ways to prepare your soil but knowing the right ways is crucial to a successful crop. Soil is made up of sand, silt, clay, organic matter, and water which all play their role in creating a healthy environment for plants to grow. Tiny Team balances the ecology of your soil by adding micro-organisms that contribute to your organic matter and making the nutrients available for your crop.

soil preparation using an inoculant - RegenZ
Probiotic Soil Inoculant - RegenZ

Residue Management

In recent years, farmers are starting to realise the impact that residual products are having on the environment and their bottom line. Chemical-based products are now not just harmful to the environment but they have become extremely expensive. Tiny Team helps build the organic matter in your soil which makes nutrients available for the plants that were already in the soil but unable to be accessed by the plants. This decreases the need for chemical-based fertilisers.

Crop Yield and Quality

Healthy soils provide the ideal environment for crops to thrive. It also increases the resilience of crops to handle stress under droughts, extreme weather conditions, and pests. Tiny Team increases the microbial activity of the soil to ensure nutrients are being made available to the plants. This allows plants to have access to all nutrients in the soil to produce a healthy and substantial crop.

crop health and quality using soil inoculants
biochar inoculant

Biochar Inoculant

A crucial part of making a good quality biochar product is having the right inoculant. To activate your biochar you need to feed it sufficient microbes so that when the biochar is applied to the soil, it does not use up the microbes already in the soil. Drenching your biochar in a Tiny Team dilution in water will be the perfect activator to ensure your biochar is ready to be applied to your soil.


Composting is common amongst commercial and small-scale farmers as well as home gardeners. When making a good quality compost, you want to break down the organic material which results in rich plant nutrients and beneficial organisms. Tiny Team’s micro-organisms stimulate and speed up this process by increasing the microbial activity and providing food for bacteria and fungi which help in breaking down the original material.

composting inoculant

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