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Principles of Regenerative Agriculture Infographic - RegenZ

Regenerative Agriculture In South Africa: All You Need to Know

Regenerative agriculture is the solution for South Africa’s farmers. In this guide, we’ll summarise everything you need to know about regenerative farming, regenerative agriculture methods and regenerative soil practices.

Potato Farming South Africa - RegenZ

Farming Potatoes In South Africa: What You Need to Know

In South Africa, maize meal and bread are the most commonly consumed sources of carbohydrates. However, South Africans have eaten twice as many potatoes over the past decade compared to the decade before it, buoyed by a growing middle class.

SA plant breeders rights - RegenZ

Your Guide To Plant Variety Rights Protection in South Africa

Plant variety protection is an important way of ensuring and recognising the development of new varieties while safeguarding the recognition of plant breeders’ rights.

Sustainable Farming Guide - RegenZ

Farming Sustainability in South Africa

Farming sustainably is not just a trendy buzzword; it’s the only way for us to feed a growing population within the limitations of our natural resources. In this guide, we’ll summarise everything you need to know about sustainable farming practices and sustainable agriculture in South Africa.